Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

letter to Sri K. Hanumanthaiya

Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar

'Krishna Vilas'
Madras - 7

        March 26, 53

Dear Mr, Hanumanthiaya,

I have pleasure in enclosing copies of the brochures of my Engineering College as well as of the Central Electrochemical Research Institute prepared and issued in connection with the visits of the Presi- dent Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and the Vice-President Dr. Radhakrishnan. I may take this occasion to inform you that Mr. D.S. Venkanna, formerly of your State Service (Retired Chief Engineer and Head of the Occupational Institute) has now joined us as Principal of the Engineering College since yesterday I trust the brochure will be of some interest to you and the 'Events & Dates', which I am enclosing, will give you some details about the efforts we make in various directions in furthering the objects of our educational endeavor.

Ever since I met you at Sir Shanmukham Chettiar's house the other day at Coimbatore in the company of the distinguished Dr. Bunche I have been anxious to call on you little leisurely and have the privilege of your acquaintance. I understand from the papers that you have recovered your normal good aheer.

I am arriving at Bangalore on the 31st morning by Air India and intend to stay for the day at Bangalore looking up the Krishnaraj Disposal Depot with a view to choose some equipment for the Engineering College in the company of my Principal, Sri Venkanna, and I intend to leave for Sringeri on the Ist April for a few days' stay in that sacred place of pilgrimage. I wonder whether you can find it convenħent to grant me a little time to enable me to meet you and just have a little talk. There is nothing very particular excepting my desire to call on you and cuħtivate you acquaintance. I shall be grateful if you could kindly reply to this letter to my Madras address (at Krishna Vilas, Vepery, Madras-7).

I look forward to the great day of receiving you in my college campus sometime soon.

Praying for your good health and with kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Sd...RM.Alagappa _ Chettiar

Hon'ble Sri K. Hanumanthaiya
Chief Minister of Mysore ,