Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

letter to V.T. Krishnamachariar

Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar
M.A.,D.LItt.,LL.D., Barrister at Law

"Krishna Vilas"
Madras 7.

       1st January, 1956

Dear Sir,

I wish to extend to you my sincerest and most cordial greetings on this very auspicious day - the dawn of 1956. I do trust and prayerfully hope that our great country, India, will be greatly benefited by the devoted labours of such a tried and seasoned statesman of your caliber.

I acknowledge with many thanks receipt of your kind letter of December 9, wishing me speedy recovery. You can easily understand what are the thoughts uppermost in my heart. Unfortunately I am still in bed and am likely to continue in bed for another two months under doctors orders for treatment for the diagnosed disease of T.B. of the bone. What gives me satisfaction and encouragement as I keep lying in bed is the thought that some day soon, perhaps next year, it will be given to me through the kind assistance of the Planning Commission and of your distinguished self to inaugurate the first step in the proposed Medical College at Karaikudi. I do not want to embarrass you with any request on such an auspicious occasions as today but I wish to express to you once again that the idea of Medical College is nearest and dearest to my heart and whatever you can do - you can do everything - will be of the greatest satisfaction and happiness to me.

With Kindest regards Yours sincerely,

Sd...RM.Alagappa Chettiar

Shri V.T. Krishnamachariar, 
Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission,
Government of India,
New Delhi.