Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

letter to Manavalaramanujam


Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar 

Krisna Vilas'
Madras 7.

       23rd September, 51

Dear Mr. Manavalaramanujam,

I trust you have received the circular sent by the Correspondent regarding the activities of our College. I expect a similar circular about the Training College and the Model School will be sent to you before long,

You must have heard by now from the papers that proposals for starting an Engineering College at Karaikudi are going ahead. We have not yet made any official proposal to the Madras University, but I have already had more than one talk with out Vice Chancellor on that subject. I am happy to say that he has received my proposal with the utmost sympathy and he has approved of our putting in the application before the 31st October, by which date the application must reach him to enable the college to be opened in 52 June.

I have also had talks with Mr. G.R. Damodaran the Principal and Trustee of the P.S.G. College of Technology and the Charity Industrial Institute. He has promised to give us every assistance. He has further promised to visit Karaikudi and have a survey of our activities to enable' him to advise us on the requirements for an Engineering College.

I am writing this letter to you with this request that you must give a date suitable to you when we could hold a meeting of the Trust preferably at Karaikudi, at which meeting we can take a decision on the application to be sent to the University for affiliation in Engineering Courses. I expect to with the Vice Chancellor at Cannanore on the 5th October, and reach Karaikudi on the 7th.

It is proposed to open the upstairs of the Visalakshi Hostel on the 12th October, i.e. on the date of reopening of the College after the holidays. There is a syndicate meetln8 of the Madras University on the 13th. I shall be grateful if you could indicate a date between the 7th and the 12th, both days inclusive, when you could possibly come to Karaikudi. I should like to have an application handed over to the University before our Vice Chancellor leaves for Paris to attend the UNESCO meeting on the 20th October. He is likely to return only on the November at the earliest. I do not want the Madras University, or its office, to return our application on any technical ground, such as insufficiency of information or any such minor point. It would be a great and correct step if I could actually hand over the application to the Vice Chancellor on the 13th October, before the syndicate meeting begins, so that he may informally tell the syndicate that our application for affiliation for an Engineering College has been received.

I might give you an indication that we have a sum of nearly Rs.20/- Lakhs invested in a new cotton mill, called The Asok Textiles, and owned by our college Trust. This is not a gift by me, but a property owned by the Trust by reason of the Profits made by the Trust in that textile mill. I have also indicated to the Vice Chancellor that this is the property that is to be assigned as an investment for the Engineering College. He has broadly expressed his approval. I do not want to wrong your perspective by giving small details. I am very anxious to meet you personally at a meeting of our Trust and thrash out all the points. Your experience and Judgment will be of immeasurable help in guiding our decision There is not much time to lose, and hence my prayer. Kindly write to my Madras address, fixing the date between the limits mentioned by me above. If. by chance these days are not suitable for a meeting at Karaikudi, you may kindly fix up a date for the meeting at Madras. Any way, I await your kind and immediate reply.

I hope that by God's grace we will be able to successfully inaugurate our Engineering courses in June, 1952..

Yours sincerely,

Sd...RM.Alagappa Chettiar

Dr. S.G. Manavalaramanujam
Vice Chancellor
Annamalai University
Annamalalnagar P.O.
South Arcot Dt