Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

letter to Dr. Bhatnagar

Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar
M.A., D.Litt., LL.D.
Barrister - at - Law

'Krishna Vilas'
Madras - 7

       11th September, 54

Dear Dr. Bhatnagar ,

I thank you for your kind letter of the 7th September which 1 have just seen on my return to Madras.

I would have very much loved to receive you at Karalkudi and show you round my institutions when you come there on the 23rd; but it could not be as I am scheduled to leave for Japan on the 18th September from Madras. After attending the Pacific Relations Conference in Kyoto, I shall return to Madras on the 2th October.

I should like to add that Mani, not 'M O N E Y' will be there to receive you. Will you kindly stay in the Bhavnagar Stadium, and not merely your own Research Institute? You must kindly visit the Women's College, started in the place where you had stayed and honored me by your stay, and also the Montessori School just near the Stadium. Though the Colleges will be closed for the terminal vacation, you could still see something of them.

I shall be arriving at Delhi on the 14th afternoon, for the Governing Body meeting, and returning on the 15th night.

Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you and with kind regards,

Encl: Copy of Dr. Chettiar's Japan itinerary

Dr. S.S. Bhatnagar, D.Sc.,F.R.S.,
Secretary, Minister of Natural Resources &
Scientific Research,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Yours sincerely,

Sd...RM.Alagappa _ Chettiar