Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

letter to Shri K.G. Saiyidain


Alagappa College P.O

      15th October, 56.

Dear Mr. Saiyidain,

For some time an idea has been revolving in my mind that I should establish a Public School at Madras. I need hardly say that this has been a necessity for such a long time, nay particularly in the present juncture when the Regional language has become the medium of instruction. In Madras, as you know, there is cosmopolitan population drawn from all parts of the country who are speaking, different tongues. Apart from this quite a large number of Government servants are transferred from place to place and therefore education of their children has become an acute problem for them. Only two or three institutions in the City of Madras are permitted to offer for one section in the High Schools English as medium, and it is found insufficient to cope with the demand for the English medium section. There is also another disadvantage that most of the High Schools in the City provide both accommodation and boarding to the children. My trust is contemplating to establish a Public School with facilities for hostel, playground etc. in the same Campus. In a colony established by me recently known as Alagappanagar in the City of Madras a plot of 26 grounds is now readily available for this purpose. and we should like with your co-operation to establish such a public School. if such a school meets with your approval it is possible in that we may be able to have affiliation to the Univesity of Madras in the matriculation standard which will provide not only a good standard of instruction but also a recognised standard accepted by all the Universities throughout India - the English medium.

am therefore venturing to write this letter so that you may kindly clarify or ask your office to clarify as to what facilities the Center could offer for en- couraging such a venture. I should like to mention in this connection that no facilities or grant will be available from the State as it is wedded to financing secondary education in the Regional medium and any deviation from it will not find favour with the State. I am looking forward to receive a reply from you.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Sd...RM.Alagappa Chettiar

Shri K.G. Saiyidain,
Secretary, Minister of Education,
Government of India, New Delhi.