Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

letter to Mr. Devarajulu

Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar

'Krishna Vilas'
Madras - 7

       13th January, 55.

Dear Mr. Devarajulu,

I have already written to you about the happy date, i.e. 5th February 55 when our Chief Minister, Sri Kamaraj Nadar has agreed to declare open the Engineering College Hostel which I have decided to name after your father, Sri G. Kuppusami Naidu of revered memory. You have also very kindly acknowledged my letter and expressed your willingness to be present on the occasion.

I am writing this letter just to confirm what I have already written to you and to further request you that you will kindly arrange to bring with you your brother, Mr. Sundaram, close relations and intimate. friends. If you can possibly persuade your uncle and he can find it convenient to come, it will give me the greatest pleasure.

The actual timing of the function has not yet been fixed, but I would request you to so arrange your programme as to arrive, all of you, on the 5th morning by train or by car according to your convenience.

While on this subject I wish to bring to your information another happy occurrence that is to take place on the 6th February in my College Campus, Sri A.M.M. Murugappa Chettiar, who is also a Trustee of our College Trust has very kindly agreed to donate a sum of Rs.2 lakhs and over, being the half cost of an Assembly Hall to be constructed to accommodate two thousand students (the strength of all our colleges and members of staff) in our College Campus. The hall is being named after his father, Sri A.M. Murugappa Chettiar who was a valued friend of mine and a great leader of our community. The foundation-stone for this building is being laid by Sir Ramaswami Mudaliar (who, incidentally is also the Chairman of TI Cycles, the big industrial concern of A.M.M.) on 6th February. Since this function is coming off immediately after the function on the 5th with which your family is so intimately associated, I request you and your brother to so arrange your programme as to stay on for the 6th February at Karaikudi for this function as well. Incidentally I may inform you that the 5th February is a Saturday, and 6th, a Sunday, so I trust you will be able to absent yourself from head- quarters with minor inconvenience.

Looking forward to the 5th February and with best wishes,


Yours sincerely,

Sd...RM.Alagappa _ Chettiar