Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

Letter from Dr.Rajendra prasad

President of India

No 3298 G/56
20th April 1956.

Dear Dr. Alagappa Chettiar,

I am glad to receive your letter of the 15th and to learn that there is some improvement and progress in your health. I hope that you will be restored to health soon. As regards my visit to Madras, the position is that it is really not a visit to Madras but only to Conjeevaram because, as at present arranged, I reach Madras late in the afternoon of the 27th and I proceed to Conjeevaram very early in the morning of the 28th and stay there till the evening of the 30th. I return to Madras and sleep there, and leave early in the morning by plane of 31st. So I shall not be staying in Madras at all. I am hoping that you will be soon restored to health.

Yours sincerely,

Rajendra Prasad
Dr. Alagappa Chettiar,
Krishna Vilas,




Rashtrapathi Bhavan
New Delhi

March 12, 1957


I congratulate Dr. Alagappa Chettiar on the occasion of the laying of the Foundation Tablet of the Alagappanagar Polytechnic. Through Dr. Chettiar's munificence several educational and technological institutions have come into existence. I am sure this Polytechnic will render useful service to the enterprising people of Kerala. On this occasion send my best wishes to Dr. Alagappa Chettiar and those associated with him in this construction work. I wish the Alagappanagar Polytechnic a long career in the service of the people and the nation.

Sd...Rajendra Prasad