Dr.Chettiar's Correspondence

Letter from Edwina Mountbattan of Burma

Government House
New Delhi

          April 15, 1948.

Dear Sir Alagappa,

May I presume, as President of the Tuberculosis Association of India, to write to you on the question of funds for extension of the present building of the Lady Linlithgow Sanatorium at Kasauli, and the New Delhi Tuberculosis Clinic.

As you perhaps know, the Sanatorium at Kasauli has at the moment 210 beds, only six of which are endowed ones-the cost of each endowment being about, Rs.50,000/-. In addition to the persistent demands for more beds, the immediate needs of the Sanatorium are extension of staff quarters and the main hospital. During the years of the last war and up to the present time, the drain on the resources of the Sanatorium and the Association has been heavy and unless more funds were received in the immediate future, the work of the Association and consequently the Tuberculosis patients who seek the aid of the body and the Sanatorium, will suffer. Knowing of your magnanimity and great sympathy and interest in humanitarian activities, I venture to approach you for adequate funds to put in hand the construction,, at the Sanatorium at Kasauli and the New Delhi T.B. Clinic. It may be possible to get some relief from other sources which will leave the Association to make up a shortage of Rs.2 lakhs for the Sanatorium and Rs.50,000/- or the New Delhi Clinic. .any help that you could give us in tiding over our immediate difficulties will, I know, be deeply appreciated by the Association and all those interested in the work.

With best wishes, Yours sincerely,
Sd.. Edwina Mountbattan of Burma

Dr.Sir.RM.Alagappa Chettiar
"Krishna Vilas", Vepry, Madras.