Alagappa Performing Arts Academy , Chennai

Students of Indian classical performing arts spend years learning the art form and perfecting the art through rigorous practice to perform the 'Arangetram' or the formal initiation of the student to perform on stage. This preparation of the student can take six to seven years and if the same students were to pursue academic studies during that time, they would be able to complete post graduate collegiate education. However, in the pursuit of learning performing arts, students are not awarded academic degrees or certifications for their accomplishments. In an effort to reward students for their efforts Alagappa Performing Arts Academy (APAA), an integral part of the Alagappa Group of Educational Institutions founded in 2005 in California, USA by Mr. R. Vairavan has collaborated with Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India and designed a comprehensive curriculum in performing arts to demonstrate the repertoire of culture that is embedded in Indian classical arts and enable students of performing arts to obtain a degree in these arts, namely:

  • Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (Bharathanatyam)
  • Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (Vocal Music)
  • Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (Instrumental Music)
  • Bachelor's degree in Vaasthu Science

From an overview of the various dances in India, to the rudiments of dancing, to clearly depicting the exquisite language of gestures, postures and rhythmical delivery, a student is guided through the various phases of this intricate art with textbooks that concisely explain its relevance and interactive DVDs that vividly describe the precise execution of the art. These valuable learning aids enhance comprehension and make this a valuable exercise for students to understand the depth and versatility of this art with theory and practical integrated in a format similar to academic programs.

These programs are offered through APAA Authorized Certification Centers (APACs) worldwide to enable students to obtain undergraduate and post graduate degrees in performing arts. This program is now offered world-wide through 35 authorized dance centers with over 1000 enrolled students. The vision of APAA is to obtain accreditation for these programs from renowned Universities around the world, propagate and bring prominence not only to Indian performing arts but also to all other dance and music art forms by offering structured learning programs to students worldwide.

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