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R.Jayabharathi(12th – B) super senior boys , A. Kanaga Abinesh(10th – D) senior boys Got Individual Championship in Karaikudi zonal Athletic Sports Meet (2016-2017)

Super senior girls Volleyball winners of Devakottai Educational Dist., at Gov. girls Hr.Sec School - Singampunari.

Overall Championship (2016-2017)

Karaikudi zonal level Athletic sports meet,

Conducted by: Maharishi vidhya mandhir School-Karaikudi,

Held at: AUCP ground-karaikudi.

State level participation (2016-2017)

Ramanathapuram divisional level sports meet - SDAT ground at Sivagangai (NOV-2016)

R.jayabarathi got Gold medal in State level sports meet – Sivaganagi (25/10/2016)

Zonal Level Athletics Sports meet was held at Alagappa University College of Physical Education Ground on 1st September, 2016. This meet was conducted by Karaikudi Maharishi Vidhya Mandir, Karaikudi. Around 48 schools from Karaikudi Zone took part in this sports meet. The Vice Chancellor of Alagappa University Dr. Subbiah inaugurated this meet and on this occasion Chief Educational Officer, Sivaganga Dr.Senthivel Murugan was present.

We are happy to announce that our Alagappa Matriculation Higher Secondary School bagged the overall champion by obtaining 125 points. Also our students Master R.Jayabharathi of XII std. and Master A.Kanaga Abinesh of X std. bagged the individual championship in Super Senior and Senior categories respectively. The results of the events are as follow:

Super Senior (Boys)

Sl.NoName of the studentStandardEventPlace
1R. JeyabharathiXII400 mtsI
2R. JeyabharathiXII800 mtsI
3R. JeyabharathiXIIJavelin ThrowI
4R. JeyabharathiXIITriple JumpII
5M. Ijazh KhanXI100 mtsI
6M. Ijazh KhanXI200 mtsII
7Z. Salman KhanXIIDiscuss ThrowI
8N. SubramanianXII1500 mtsII
9K. DharshanXIILong JumpIII
10B. NavabalanXITriple JumpIII
11R. JeyabharathiXII4 x 100 mts relayI
12K. DharshanXII4 x 100 mts relayI
13M. BalasubramanianXII4 x 100 mts relayI
14M. Ijazh KhanXI4 x 100 mts relayI

Senior (Boys)

Sl.NoName of the studentStandardEventPlace
1A. Kanaga AbineshX200 mtsI
2A. Kanaga AbineshXJavelin ThrowI
3A. Kanaga AbineshXShot putII
4J. Mukesh PandiyanXTriple JumpI
5J. Mukesh PandiyanXTriple JumpI
6K. Avish KannanX400 mtsI
7K. Avish KannanX800 mtsI
8A. Isaac BrothertonXShot putI
9V.A. DharmarajXDiscuss ThrowII
10R. Iniya RajakumaranX800 mtsII
11R. Iniya RajakumaranX1500 mtsII
12D. Tarun JoshuaX100 mtsIII
13A. Kanaga AbineshX4 x 100 mts relayI
14J. Mukesh PandiyanX4 x 100 mts relayI
15K. Avish KannanX4 x 100 mts relayI
16D. Tarun JoshuaX4 x 100 mts relayI

Senior (Girls)

Sl.NoName of the studentStandardEventPlace
1R. Deiva PriyaIX400 mtsI
2P. Arivu SelviIXShot putII
3P. RasikaaIX200 mtsIII
4R. Deiva PriyaIX4 x 100 mts RelayI
5P. RasikaaIX4 x 100 mts RelayI
6A. Thahir RihanaIX4 x 100 mts RelayI
7M. SudharshanaIX4 x 100 mts RelayI

Junior (Boys)

Sl.NoName of the studentStandardEventPlace
1C.M. Dinesh MuthuVIII100 mtI
2S. HariharanVIII400 mtsI
3M. Vetri LogeshwaranVIIIShot putI
4M. Vetri LogeshwaranVIIIDiscuss ThrowII
5P. Udhaya KumarVIIIDiscuss ThrowI
6G. Jai PraneshVIII200 mtsIII
7C.M. Dinesh MuthuVIII4 x 100 mts RelayI
8S. HariharanVIII4 x 100 mts RelayI
9G. Jai PraneshVIII4 x 100 mts RelayI
10R. RamaiahVIII4 x 100 mts RelayI

Junior (Girls)

Sl.NoName of the studentStandardEventPlace
1J. VarshiniVIII4 x 100 mts RelayIII
2P. NandhiniVIIIShot putIII
3S. Lalitha DharshiniVIII200 mtsIII
4KR. NiranjanaVIII4 x 100 mts RelayIII

It is highlighted that all the above achievements is due to the effort put in by our Physical Education Teacher Mr. S. Sasirajan, who trained the students with fullest involvement and thirst to achieve.


13.10.2016 TO 15.10.2016

Super Senior Boys

Sl.NoName of the studentStd / SectionEventPlaceDivisional Level
R. JeyabharathiXII B400 mtsFirstQualified
R. JeyabharathiXII BJaveline ThrowFirstQualified
Ijazh Khan MXII200 mtsSecondQualified
4R. JeyabharathiXII B100 mtThird-
5Jeyabharathi RXII B4 x 100 mts RelayFirstQualified
6Dharshan KXII A4 x 100 mts RelayFirstQualified
7Balasubramanian MXII D4 x 100 mts RelayFirstQualified
8Ijazh Khan MXII4 x 100 mts RelayFirstQualified

Senior Boys

Sl.NoName of the studentStd / SectionEventPlaceDivisional Level
1Kanaga Abinesh AX DJaveline ThrowFirstQualified
2Kanaga Abinesh AX D200 mtsThird-
3Kanaga Abinesh AX D4 x 100 mts relaySecond-
4Iniya RajakumaranX D4 x 100 mts relaySecond-
5Avish KannanX B4 x 100 mts relaySecond-
6Tharun JoshuaX D4 x 100 mts relaySecond-

Senior Girls

Sl.NoName of the studentStd / SectionEventPlaceDivisional Level
1Deiva Priya RIX400 mtsSecondQualified

Junior Boys

Sl.NoName of the studentStd / SectionEventPlaceDivisional Level
1Dinesh Muthu CMVIII100 mtsSecondQualified
2Dinesh Muthu CMVIII4 x 100 mts RelaySecond-
3HariharanVIII4 x 100 mts RelaySecond-
4RamaiahVIII4 x 100 mts RelaySecond-
5Jai PraneshVIII4 x 100 mts RelaySecond-


08.10.2016 TO 21.10.2016


Event ForEventPlaceDivisional Level
Super Senior GirlsVolley BallWinnerQualified for Divisional Level
Super Senior GirlsBeach VolleyballWinnerQualified for Divisional Level
Super Senior BoysVolleyballRunner-